Media Appearances

I have a YouTube channel (alex.datepsych) and Twitter/X (@datepsych) where I post videos and threads on the most recent research in dating, attractiveness, and romantic relationships. Follow me there if you are not already.

Below are some of my favorite podcasts and media appearances on external channels. If you have a podcast, YouTube, or whatever then contact me and I’ll be happy to come on.

Chris Williamson, Modern Wisdom — Why Has Everyone Given Up On Dating?

Chris Williamson, Modern Wisdom — Why Is No One Having Sex?

Macken Murphy, Species — Date Psychology

Alexandra Kaschuta, Ask Subversive — Bringing Data to the Sex Wars

Razib Khan — The Psychology of Dating

Candice Horbacz — Debunking Marriage Myths – The Truth About Divorce

Dr. Mike Hart — The Psychology of Dating

Thinking Ape — Personality, Preferences, and the Black Pill

Richard Cooper — Top Deal Breakers on Dating Apps For Men & Women

External Coverage:

Lauren Chen — Men Too Afraid To Approach Women?

Melanie Notkin, NY Post — This is why you’re single — the top dating app dealbreakers revealed